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Holly Nance Group   •   Turnkey Real Estate Investment Firm


Holly Nance Group is a boutique real estate investing and training firm specializing in providing investors direct ownership to residential properties. The company is based in Trenton, NJ and was founded by Trenton native Will Holly.

Digital Strategy Management

People like buying property from HNG because they simplify the turnkey process for investors, while simultaneously educating along the way. You literally have the opportunity to learn while you learn. We provide HNG with high level digital strategy to identify and engage their target investor avatar.

With HNG running at scale and a deal volume in the high hundreds, our focus is on seemless processes. We combine a social content strategy with numerous websites and landing pages, along with and a high-end CRM with automation features to ensure all parties involved stay in the loop at all times.  The aim is to allow the company’s talent to remain focused on their strengths without being distracted by minutia.


  • Project Management

  • Web Development

  • Online Course Creation